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01 - The Great Library Fine of 2020

In the inaugural episode of Boring Crimes, we tackle the city's largest library fine, an investigation that quickly takes a sharp and shocking turn.

Boring Bonus - FAQs from Episode 1

I've gotten some feedback from listeners! Answers to a couple questions I've gotten in email about the podcast.

02 - The Moral Imperative of Breaking and Entering

The race is on to figure out how to access Alice's dorm room before the contents are dumped. As you'll hear, my initial efforts met with some very strange, and very frustrating results. But after hitting a roadblock, it's time to time call in some professional help.

Boring Bonus - FAQs from Episode 2

Listener questions from episode 2!

03 - Too Boring and not Boring Enough

Tell gets back in touch. More questions than answers, and a very bad experience.

Boring Bonus - A Voicemail

Got this last night. Decided to share it for... posterity.

04 - Spinning Wheels and Square Kufic

We call in some experts to test every theory we've got.

Boring Bonus - National F-ing Treasure

I get to call Tell with some excellent news.

05 - Unified Theory

My notes and photos are changing. Tell has a theory. Our listeners let us read Alice's encoded messages.

06 - Into the Murder Basement

A call with Sharanpal points us to an unnecessarily creepy basement.

Boring Bonus - They Use Stories As Keys

A revelatory phone call with Tell

07 - A Seance Goes Wrong

We finally get our seance (over zoom...) and things don't go as expected.

Update - USB Key Cracked

With a lot of assists from the Instagram community, we've cracked into Alice's USB key!

08 - It Was Going So Well...

Posting from a crappy motel room.

Update - From a Cheap Motel

We're alive!

09 - Going Dutch

We're back to work in our new reality, with surprising updates and sinister possibilities.

Update - A Play Reading

With nothing but dead ends in trying to figure out this play, we resort to drastic measures.

10 - Full Circle

The end is, unfortunately, in sight.

11 - Last Piece of the Puzzle

This may be the last episode I post. If that's true... thanks for sticking with us.

12 - The Library

13 - Epilogue

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